Even after the experiences, we have been through and situations we have faced, writing this still feels impossible. It is incredible to us that we are writing an „About us“ website page. If you are not familiar with our work you may not understand; all of this still feels surreal because of just a few years ago, we thought this was never possible.

So, about us? There is a lot that we could say about us. About each member of our blog, each volunteer, each company we collaborate with. Of course, so many beautiful words would simply not fit into one article, one website page.  So we will have to keep it short and efficient.

Our story dates back in 2008 when we all met at one big home improvement conference. We all had our jobs, families and lived the life which, at that time, seemed totally normal.  The real truth is that we never knew how unhappy we were with our daily routine jobs; some of us worked in a bank, some managed a small restaurant, some were just moms and dads. We all knew what we were doing but none of us was happy with the idea of living that life forever. That conference was the best thing that happened to each of us since that is a place where our idea of business was born. The best thing about everything is the fact that only our passion and love brought us to the conference. Not the job, not family just our passion and love for home design. We were all home improvement enthusiasts. We were not all interested in roofing systems, home decor, DIY’s and How to’s but we all had a pretty clear idea of a perfect home and perfect company which helps confused homeowners.

In 2008, our idea was born, but it was just a beginning of a project that waited for two whole years to be realized. A lot of patience, energy and time was invested in what we now have and we are still putting our everything into the job we do.  Years we have behind us gave us a lot of new opportunities; we have met many prominent interior and exterior designs, we have visited thousands of home improvement conferences and meetings, we went through many collaborations and met, even more, people who love designing, decoring, making etc. Our blog is more than a home advising company. Today, we proudly collect over 5000 home improvement lovers on our website, many young architects, students, interior designers come to our blog to volunteer and gain valuable experience. We work with magazines to create a top quality content for readers and confused homeowners out there. We cooperate with many supply stores and offer a lot of discounts to our clients.

We are incredibly proud of what our blog has evolved into and we want to thank everyone who helped us reach this position.  We guarantee to provide our customers and visitors with top quality tips and tricks because we believe that home is much more than just a place of living. Our goal is simply to give you ideas how to improve your home and make it to your liking.