Hello all! What a fantastic weekend I had! Why was it so fantastic, you ask? Well, let me tell you. On Saturday night Eric and I went out for date night, and, as always, it was a wonderful time.

THEN, on Sunday, I went to the Sacramento Antique Faire. What an experience that was! It was like a bunch of garage sales all in one place. It was so cool, and I will definitely be going back.

I came home with a picture frame, a whole bunch of old door knobs, and a heart made from a wine barrel band.

Ok, moving on…I’m going to do this in stages, for a couple of different reasons. The first, and biggest reason being that there are multiple projects that are all going to go on one wall in our home office, and I want to do a BIG REVEAL once it’s all put together. I’ll get to the second reason in a minute.

This whole project started with this old window that my sister gave me.

I decided to turn this huge, kinda boring, window in to a giant magnetic chalkboard. To make it magnetic, I purchased a piece of sheet metal and cut it down to fit in the window frame. I primed it, then painted it with black chalkboard paint.

Now, what to do about the glass? I didn’t want to ruin the glass, so I used hot glue to stick the sheet metal to the glass. It’s not permanent, but it stuck enough to hold the sheet metal. I’ll let you know how it holds up.

My end result…it’s really a nice, big, chalkboard for me to make notes, reminders, and lists on. This sucker is HEAVY, though. I probably should have just broken the glass out of the frame, like the girl on ‘Rehab Addict’ does.

See the ‘Honey do’ list? That would be the second reason I’m releasing this in parts. I’m waiting for my husband to find me some wall studs. Yes, I could probably do it myself. I just like to save certain jobs for him, i.e. opening jars, taking out the trash, finding wall studs, etc.

That can on the corner of the chalkboard is hung with magnets! I’m going to use it to hold the eraser, I think.

I’ll have part 2 up for you in a couple of days…I know, you can hardly wait, right?!

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