The first thing when you notice when you come into someone’s house is the smell of it. Haven’t you noticed? Each living space has a unique smell, a fragrance that hits you nostrils as soon as you step in. We don’t know about you, but for us, it means a lot, and it gives out an important first impression of the house and the homeowners in general.  It makes the place cozy, comfortable and familiar. A sweet smell automatically makes us feel at home and more relaxed. Sometimes, that smell is not a very pleasing one; the worst thing is when moisture invades your home and leaves a certain type of fragrance. If you want your guests, family and friends to love coming to your place and if you want your home to feel and smell fantastic, then follow the rest of this article and find out four ways to give your property an amazing smell.

1.    Natural fresh smell

If you want your house to smell fresh and clean then this recipe is the best one for you. It used all fresh ingredients and you can replace it easily and without a huge mess.  We recommend you to get a mason jar first. It is big and it allows the smell to come through. Buy a fresh lemon, rosemary and a vanilla extract. Vanilla will make any smell even better. Put all of these in a big jar and on the simmer on the stove. Enjoy the smell of warm and sunny days!

2.    Spring in your home

If spring is your favorite season of the whole year, then we are sure that you know exactly the smell of spring we are talking about.  Lilacs. Lilacs give that pure and innocent feel and as you enter the area it relaxes your whole mind and body. A lilac scented spray is easy to make. You will need to mix some vodka, lilac essential oil and some water. Put it in a spray and spray your house whenever you feel like it. Spring is now in your home the whole year around!

3.    Coffee scent

If you are a coffee lover, oh well, even if you are not a coffee lover- you have to adore the smell of coffee! Coffee, the elixir of life, has a certain, dense and strong smell that gives away coziness and loveliness. Coffee scented candles are a great choice if you adore this scent. You will need some soy wax flakes and coffee beans. The stronger the coffee, the stronger the scent.  Melt the soy wax flakes and put a small amount into a small glass you choose. Then put in grounded up coffee beans and apply a thick layer of wax. Now your mornings can finally last forever.

4.    Fruit air freshener

Instead of buying air fresheners which only mask the smell, have a terribly artificial scent and can be full of dangerous chemicals, you should try to invent one yourself. It is easy, affordable and very efficient. You will need some salt and a piece of fruit. We recommend you to use citrus fruit like an orange. Simply pull out the juicy part and fill it with sea salt.  You can even put some spices in the mixture. Salt will efficiently soak up the bad smell and fruit will give a fresh scent to your home.