Picking the right color style for your roof

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Choosing the Right Color of Your Roof

The roof of your house is perhaps one of your most important decisions you will make concerning your dream home. This is because you will live with your roof for the next 20 to 50 years.
It is, therefore, necessary for you to get it right in the very first time you are choosing the color of your roof. This is not an easy decision. For, whether it is metal, slate or asphalt shingles, for each roofing material color available, you will have to contend with a wide range of its shades and color combinations.
You need to consider a variety of things when choosing the color of your roof:

Take Time in Selecting the Color of Your Roof

You should not rush in selecting a new roof. For, if you rush and pick a wrong color, you will spend the next many years regretting that rushed decision.

Consult Your Roofing Estimator

Your roofer working out your roof’s estimates would have constructed tens of different roofs. In the process, he could have seen what different colors of roofs look on different types, sizes, and structures of houses.

Research on All of the Roofing Material Options

Research and consult widely about different roofing materials and their colors and shades available in the market and before deciding on which one best fits your home.

Soffit and Fascia Options

You need to learn more about different soffit and fascia brands so you can choose the product color that fit your dream home.

Dark vs. Light Roof Colors

You need to choose the roof color that you like while taking into account your local area characteristics like the weather, building code and your neighbor’s sensitivities.

Shingles Must Match Your Brick

You can repaint to change your home’s paint and shutter colors, but you cannot change the color of bricks. You, therefore, must take into account your house’s bricks color when choosing the color of your roof.

Resale Value of Your Home

You may like the so-called shouting colors -bold, bright colors – but they may not enamor everyone. Even if you do not intend to sell your home shortly, you never know what the long-term future holds for you. You had better go for neutral roofing material to ensure your property’s resale value is intact in case a time comes when you need to sell your house.

Utilize Roof-Planning Tools

Some roofing manufacturers have invested in technologies and software, which would enable you to download a photo of your dream home or select a housing style and drop in different colored siding and roofing options. With the aid of your roofer, you can settle on an ideal color.
Place a sample of the new roofing material to your old roof
Place a sample of the new roofing material, for example, shingles against an old roof for you to see how it could look once installed on your roof. If you need help with that, you can get help from a roofing contractor Edison, NJ and you won’t have to do it completely by yourself.

Examine Roofs in Your Area

Examine the roofs around where you live and see how your dream home would appear standing next to them. If your dream home does not complement your neighbors’ homes, you may struggle to sell it in future.

Decide on Your Home Style

Chances are deep down in your heart you have a picture of your dream home, complete with its style. Now imagine the color you would like its roof to have and hurrah, you have it.