Valentines Day

I have to admit, this was a very exciting weekend! Not only did I get two date nights, but my Pallet Coffee Table was chosen as a feature on Nifty Thrifty Things and DIY Show Off. I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday!

On to my next Valentine’s Day project…another wreath (or two). I used two miniature grapevine wreaths and you see similar ones all over the internet, but my inspiration came directly from DoorDecorMore on Etsy, so if you don’t have the time/inclination to make your own, stop by her shop.

Here are my supplies:

2 – 8″ grapevine wreaths
6 – 1″ x 8″ strips of fabric (I used some left over drop cloth)
6 jewels (I used some scrapbook sticky jewels)
lace ribbon
2 – 3″ x 10″ strips of burlap
Wreath Supplies Supplies

The first thing I did was to cut slits in my drop cloth, and then I tore strips of fabric off. Tearing the fabric gave the edges a nice unfinished look that looks really cute with the burlap and lace.

I was just talking to Eric about the logistics of taking pictures of my own hands when I’m doing these crafts. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the set up to do it while I was making this wreath, but here’s a tutorial on how to make rolled fabric flowers. I used my drop cloth for the flower backs, also.

I glued the backs to the flowers, and the jewel stickers to the front of the flowers, right in the center of the roll.

It was easier for me to glue the rosette’s to the strip of burlap and lace, first, and then glue it all to the wreath. I randomly folded the burlap and lace together with glue and then glued the rosette’s in to the middle of it all, in a little group.

I may actually keep these up on my entertainment center for a while, since they aren’t too Valentine’s Day-ish.

Yes, those are some of the books from Eric’s crazy big encyclopedia collection.

On a side note, I could not get these suckers to hang straight (or crooked?)! I wanted to hang them from the top of the entertainment center with a cute little ribbon or some twine, but they just wouldn’t cooperate. The weight of the flowers made the wreaths want to hang with the weight at the bottom, so the wreaths keep going wonky when I try to hang them. Does anyone have any suggestions?