Happy weekend, everyone!!

Each week, I go through probably hundreds of blog posts, I scour every link on every link party I come across, trying to find posts that amaze me.

And now I’m going to share all of that effort with you, the blood sweat and tears, the sore behind from sitting for hours on end in a folding chair in front of my computer.

Okay, really, I’m pretty sure that drama is actually earned by the bloggers that I’m featuring today. All I did was pick them out of a super talented crowd of people.

Before we get on with it, a few of the things I’ve been up to…because I know you want to know!!

I posted part 1 of my soon to be revealed in a BIG REVEAL command center…

Finished chalkboard window…played with back lighting…

Backlit Lillies

…and, this weekend Eric and I are off in Healdsburg for some wining, and dining…

…now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the Weekly Wonders!

Delia at Revived by Delia posted this tutorial on how to Mix Any Color Milk Paint…sorry, babe, looks like I’ll be using that ‘milky paint’ for a while longer!

I’m pretty sure no words are necessary for these I Just Got Dumped Brownies that Chelsea from Gal on a Mission shared.

You Just Got Dumped Brownies

For those who have always wanted to make a burlap wreath, Sharon at Elizabeth & Co. shared a great tutorial on how to make a Spring Burlap Wreath.

I love everything about this little Terra Cotta Sewing Table from {createinspire}.

Say hello to these little baby doughnuts called Zeppole that Gina from Kleinworth & Co. shared with us.

How cute is this Repurposed Antique Headboard turned into Coat Rack by Angie at Knick of Time?

These Rusty Old Drawers only needed a little tweak by Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures, and now they’re useful again.

And, that’s all folks! A ginormous high-five to all the crafty, thrifty, think outside of the box, bake-a-licious, folks out there! See you all next week…

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