Wire Hanger Hearts

Does anyone else have a huge stash of wire dry cleaning hangers? For whatever reason, we don’t throw them away, and I don’t take them back to the cleaners for recycling, so they just hang in Eric’s closet, slowly piling up.

The other day on Pinterest, I saw these hearts hanging on someone’s wall, and I thought, ‘Why not?’.  I worried that the hangers would be too hard for me to bend, but they were actually really easy to work with.

I started with plain white, wire hangers.  I made five, because it just seemed like a good number of hearts to have…and that just happens to be the number of people in our little family.


*Note to self: Don’t take pictures of white stuff on white stuff.

I pushed all the creases out of the hanger to make a big circle.


After that, I just pulled here, pinched there, smoothed it out everywhere, and got this.


I used lace, ribbon and twine to wrap the hearts.  I started at the top and secured the ribbon everywhere it touched the hanger with hot glue.  Hot glue is a miracle worker, isn’t it?


They look great hung on the wall of our eat in kitchen! I think I’m going to make a couple more, though, just to fill it in.


What do you all do with your leftover dry cleaning hangers?

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6 thoughts on “Wire Hanger Hearts

  1. Sabrina

    Interesting idea…as I think about it, there are so many possibilities coming to mind on how to use wire hangers…Interesting craft supply. Thanks for sharing!


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