What we always try to highlight is the importance of home not just as a place of sleeping and eating but as a place of living and creating memories. These memories will once become the reason why you love your house so much. Not the perfect roofing system or the amazing fountain you have just installed. Of course, these will make you feel like you invested in your home and we are not trying to lower the significance of home decoration. However, the real love for your house comes because of the people in it; the moments spent there, fights you have won and laughed later about. Those special moments are created by having your friends or family at your place. Sometimes, your house needs a little adjusting before the guests arrive and you could end up having a great time accommodating it. So, here are our five tips for adjusting your home for family, friends or whoever decides to drop by.

Clean out the area

You know that incredibly awkward moment when your guest arrive and you have to greet them? Or that even more awkward when they are leaving and you have to say goodbye? Well, this doesn’t have to be as delicate as you think. Often, the reason why you just stand there, completely frozen is because the place is full of stuff. There are shoes in the hall, book shelves that are not really stable, etc. Clean everything out so you would not have to feel as you are playing limbo.

Do not over do the guest bedroom

If you family or friends decide to stay for more than one day, then it would be appropriate for you to welcome them to the guest room. Guest rooms often look completely blank and sometimes uncomfortable. Other times there is a full set of furniture, dish set from your grand-grandmother, a huge piece of art etc.  We are not saying that an empty, unwelcoming guest room is good, but over furnished one could leave your guests feeling too cautious and stressed out.   It is not so vital to have a huge sculpture art in your guest room. You should be more focused on practical things like small tables and the beds, mirror, closets etc.

 TV in the guest room

While you do not want your guest room to be over furnished, a TV is a great option. Of course, your guests are here to spend time with you and not watch TV. However, you may have entirely different schedule than them. Maybe they wake up earlier or go to sleep later than you. To make them feel comfortable and not bored, a small TV is a great thing to own.

Give them space for their things

If you know ahead of time that your guests are coming and spending a few days here then be prepared.  We find that one of the most annoying things that happen is when we can’t fit all of our clothes into a closet and we end up hoping around our suitcase for the next few days.  Be sure to clean out the closets and lockers.

Power up your bathroom

Probably the scariest and weird thing when being in guests is using someone’s bathroom.  To avoid that and make your guests feel comfortable, ensure that there is enough towels (normal length!), toilet paper, small bottles of shampoo, hand towel etc. Never forget to clean the guest bathroom before guests arrive!