Pallet Coffee Table

We purchased our new construction home two months ago, and I’m in the process of trying to blend my industrial/rustic style with my husbands ultra-modern/black plastic style (Read: I’m trying to make sure there is NO modern, black, plastic-y stuff in our house).  One of the things I really wanted was a large coffee table, but I didn’t want the expense.  I started searching the internet and came across a ton of really cool pallet table ideas, and so began the search for some FREE pallets.  First, I asked my husband.  “Sure,” he says, “I can get you some pallets.”  A month later, and still no pallets.  I asked a friend if her husband could get some pallets for me.  “Yeah!” She says, “My husband has a ton of pallets at work.  He can get you some!”  A month later, and still no pallets.  Think, think, think…got it! I’m a genius (in a sing song voice)!! I put on my skinny jeans and asked some guys at our construction site for a couple of pallets.  “Sure,” they say, “Take as many as you need!”  Apparently, my skinny jeans weren’t doing the trick, because they didn’t carry them home for me.

The pallets were pretty beat up, so first I had to sand them…and then I had to sand them some more:

After I finished sanding, and cleaning, I started staining them.  Our couch right now is dark brown, so I wanted to make sure that the wood wasn’t too dark.  I went with Minwax Wood Finish, Early American 230:

I have to admit, this was my first time staining wood! It was so easy! Much easier than painting, I think.  Well, honestly, I haven’t painted much.  So, painting may not be so difficult, either.

I’m now in the process of putting a top coat on the wood and painting my brackets and caster wheels.  Stay tuned for the finished product in the next few days!

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