Ornaments, Pillowcases, and Eggnog, Oh My!

When I got up yesterday morning, I had every intention of making a trip in to town to get paint for my drapes.  I’ve been putting that project off long enough! But…once I got the kids off to school, I couldn’t seem to find motivation to do much, except make more ornaments.  So, I stayed at home, and in between loads of laundry, I finished making all of my ornaments.  I also had started making pillow cases for my couch pillows and finally finished those yesterday.  They were actually fairly simple to make.

My pillows are 24×24 (huge, right?!) so I measured out enough fabric (sheet and tablecloth) to wrap around the pillow with an extra 12″ to fold over and an extra inch for the hem, which ended up being 60″ long by 25″ wide.  Please, keep in mind that I was ok with these pillow cases fitting a little loosely.  These pictures are of a sheet that I bought from Target to use.  Way cheaper than most fabrics!

After cutting them to size, I pinned them together for sewing.  I wish now that I had taken pictures of how to fold them.  Basically, you lay the fabric down (if your fabric is printed, you want the pretty side facing up) and fold down the top 12″ for your overlap.  Then you fold up the bottom 24″ inches.  It should go on top of your overlap.  Pin the sides of the pillow case together.  You shouldn’t need to pin the bottom, unless you’ve cut out 24″ squares instead of the strips that I did.  Don’t sew the top closed, that’s where you put the pillow in when you’re done.  Remember that you’re sewing from the inside, out, so when you finish sewing you’ll just turn these right side out.

I did a really rough hem on these pillow cases, nothing fancy.  Mostly because I don’t know how to do fancy, yet.  There are some minor errors, but nothing I notice once the pillow cases were on the pillows.

Those yellow flower pillow cases are actually made using a tablecloth from Target.  Also way cheaper than most fabric! I was able to get 4 pillow cases out of the sheet and 2 out of the tablecloth.  I have to admit that after I finished making these, I really didn’t like how the grey looked in my living room, so I’m keeping the yellow ones down here but the grey ones are up in the loft, until I can find a sheet or tablecloth that I’ll like better.  Maybe I’ll try a canvas drop cloth next.

After a long day of laundry, ornament making and pillow case sewing, it was time for me to make another batch of eggnog.  My family drinks the stuff like it’s water.  I’m telling you, you’ve never had eggnog, until you’ve had home made eggnog.

Let me know what you think about the pillows, or if you make some, please share them with me!